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                                                                  Visa Process and Requirements

Visa process is the final but the most crucial hurdle to study in the UK. We at ILOC, endeavor to ensure that our student find it easy and comfortable in order to file their visas. We provide all our students the required information beforehand so that students don’t have to run around at the eleventh hour. All of the information student require to apply for a Tier 4 (General) visa is available at ILOC where counselors would explain every detail before you start with the visa application.

Student should to be clear which type of visa he is applying for. While the student is obtaining tier 4 general visa he must complete the appropriate online application based on the category as follows.

  • Tier 4 (General)

  • Short Term Study visas ( Study visitor visa)

  •  Tier 4 (General) application relates to Point based system (PBS) of UKVI and student required to achieve 40 points to qualify for the visa proceeding. In this case, 30 Points are awarded for CAS being issued and another 10 points for financial documents to substantiate maintenance requirements of UKVI.

Finances for Tier 4 applications

Finance is an important pre-requisite of maintenance of funds. Most of the visa applications are denied due to insufficient funds or unverified funds.
There are two main components for finance:

1) Tuition Fee:

Students must have enough money to pay towards their course fees for the first year of study. The UKVI will use the details in your CAS to confirm how much money you need for your course fees. Students should ensure that the information they enter in their visa application form matches the information available on CAS. If you pay a part of tuition fee for CAS then you have to show remaining tuition fee maintained for 28 days.

Who can pay your tuition fee: While paying your tuition fee before visa, the source can be arbitrary but remaining funds must be in student/parent’s bank account for more than 28 days or supported by the education loan.

2) Living expenses

As per the UKVI guideline, Living cost is around £1334 if you are studying in London and £ 1023 if you are studying outside of London.

For the visa purpose if the course is lasting for more than 9 months then one needs to show amount up to 9 months, hence in London it will be ( 1334*9 ) £ 12006 and in outer London it will be ( 1023*9) £9207.

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