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Course Fees in the UK

Tuition fee:

UK Universities are among the top institutes in the world hence fee is vary from universities to universities.

Generally tuition fee for undergraduate program may cost you around £12000 to £18000 per annum while a master degree can cost you around £8500 to £24000.

Most of the universities offers regional scholarships and bursaries depending on the program you applied for.

Living expenses:

Before students apply to study in the UK, we at ILOC strongly recommend that student must do research on the living expenses as this will vary in various cities and provinces. Though course fees seem to be one of the major expenses while studying in the UK, students have to consider living costs as well. Students are allowed to work part–time for upto 20 hours per week during study period which may be enough to fetch their living expenses. Students should not be considering to offset their tuition fee even partially by working while studying a full time course in the UK. 

Cost of Studying

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