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Why Study in  Australia

  • Australia is the 3rd most popular International student destination with only the US and UK ahead of them.

  • Australia is a highly developed country with a very robust economy.

  • 8 out of top 100 universities in the world belong to Australia.

  • Australia is one of the safest countries in the world at the moment with moderate & pleasant climate and a stable economy.

  • Many students from around the world, prefers Australia as their first choice of English-speaking study destination.

  • 15 years of education is acceptable by universities of Australia for admission at Masters level.

  • Australia caters to the third largest number of international students who study there.

  • Overall costs of education are also akin to the US and UK.

  • Visa process is straightforward, fair and less time consuming.

  • There is skills shortage in Australia that provides high employment opportunities after graduation.

  • Post study work visa for the bachelor degree or above level students has been extended further in between 2 – 4 years recently depending on provinces/location.

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