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Application Procedure

USA universities offer three terms for students – Fall, Spring and Summer each year.

Fall (August) - Major intake

Spring - January

Summer - May

To avoid any disappointment, you should start application process as early as possible.

You should follow the steps as below :

  • Get in touch with ILOC for the assessment on your profile.

  • Prepare for your GRE/GMAT/SAT and IELTS / TOEFL Tests as the scores would play a vital role in the admission process.

  • Shortlist the universities you wish to apply for based on your overall academic profile, work experience and Test scores available by then.

  • Gather and prepare the required documents for application like reference letters, transcripts, resume, SOP, Essays etc with the help of experts from ILOC.

  • Check and review your documents and requirements by each university as it varies.

  • Complete the applications online (majorly) and courier application pack to University, if required.

  • Apply for Scholarship (if applicable) after having discussion with our counsellors.

  • Get Admits, arrange financial documents and request for I-20.

  • Apply for F-1 Visa

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